The King Family

Isabella Mercy and Francis Frederick King and Family (Rex, Fred, Dorothy, George, Ron and Len) c. 1923

Joan King

with Michael, Diana and Jennifer

Family Home

'Leybourne' 14 Westanley Avenue, Amersham

Len King and Joan Pope

Marriage 15th May 1943 Chesham Bois, Bucks

Welcome to my genealogy web site.

My name is Jim King and I created and maintain this site.

I have researched the information here over a good few years, mainly via websites like and It ends up being quite a lot of detective work and some records are not yet as complete as I would like them.

There are over 1,000 individuals identified on this site and where possible I have tried to verify that the data shown is accurate, though I would be naive in saying it is 100%, there will be erroneous information but will be based on best investigation of researched information. Often data has been retrieved from other users trees, and therefore I am reliant on their validation for accuracy.

Tools like the "Bonkers Report" above show where possible inconsistencies may occur and I may well find other error reporting tools along the way and I will publish their results.

Snippets of information can be intriguing and amusing for example my great grandfather William King was a plumber and lived at number 50 Flood Street in London! Great great grandfather William Lewis, the local inn keeper, was mugged and killed and there is a Lewis Lane named after him in the village of Appleshaw in Hants. There is a record of a Harriet Hines marrying a John Beane, could this have been the origin of Heinz beans? :-).

If you have any information, corrections, updates or photos I would love to hear from you.

I hope you find it useful and enjoy exploring...


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Distribution Map
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