Lifes coincidences

Life throws fate and coincidences at us that are hard to figure!
I’m sure we all have them tucked away somewhere ready to bring out and dust them off when the subject arises. I have been thinking about three that I’d like to share with you.

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During the 1960’s we had a German schoolgirl, Traudel, come stay with the family as part of a student exchange program. She remained in contact and after several years, by coincidence, we discovered that Traudel’s parents and my mum and dad were married on the same day (15th May 1943) during the second world war. Mum and dad went to Germany to celebrate their ruby wedding anniversary with the Reinhards! Strange to think of it with us being at war with each other. We have never lost contact with Traudel.


Just nuts!

Back in 1967 my brother Mick, then working as a car mechanic in Amersham, serviced a car for a family that were about to head off on a motoring holiday around Europe. Several weeks later we were on holiday in Portugal and driving between Oporto and Lisbon. We pulled into a petrol station and the car Mick had serviced was the other side of the pumps!
Wonder what the odds are!

The Big Apple….core!images

In the mid 80’s my sister Di and I went on a short trip to New York for a long weekend. Whilst seeing the sites on a Grey Line tour Di recognized a guy on the same bus, and he seemed to do the same. After a chat between them both, in the midst of Chinatown, and some head scratching, it turned out that they had worked together in Watford 20 years previously. He was staying in a plush central NY hotel, and we were in very cheap apartment hotel, so we ended up using both his hotel bar and his business expenses for the afternoon.

Let me know some of your life coincidences……


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